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Data Application

  • Qualifications and Requirements
  1. Data obtained from the Preference Parameters Study of Osaka University is provided only to researchers and graduate students affiliated with national, public, and private universities and research institutions only for nonprofit and academic purposes.
  2. Micro datasets are available for academic research only. Applications to use the data for business or other purposes will not be approved.
  3. Applicants are requested to fill in a research title and abstract (about 200 words) in the application form.
  4. The data may only be used by the applicant.
  5. Please include acknowledgement in your research papers that use the data. The precise wording of the acknowledgement is detailed in the Written Pledge which is a part of the application form.
  6. Permission to use the data, when granted, is for a period of two years.
  7. After the two-year period of authorized use comes to an end, applicants must submit a report to the Global COE Program, ISER Osaka University. If at that time, an extension in the period of use is needed, an application for two-year extension may be submitted along with the report on use of the data up until then.

  • Procedures
  • Please send the completed application form either by e-mail or by postal mail in an envelope labeled "Application for Dataset Enclosed" addressed to the Global COE Program, ISER, Osaka University, as shown below. When your application is approved, we will send you the URL which links to the data download site via e-mail.

    Send the application form to:

    (Via Postal Mail)
    Global COE Program
    ISER, Osaka University
    6-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki-shi
    Osaka, 567-0047

    (Via E-mail) Please attach the pdf file of signed application form

  • Confidentiality
  1. To maintain the confidentiality of the Micro Data survey respondents, only ten regional codes (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Koshinetsu, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyusyu) are supplied with the provided data. Codes for prefectures and municipalities are deleted.
  2. If your proposed research requires the codes for prefectures and municipalities, please submit a completed form "Application for Geographic Codes" detailing the specifics.

  Downloading the application form

1. Application form for the use of micro data
Japanese (Research)
Japanese (Instruction)

2. Report on the use of micro data
You must complete and submit this form at the end of the two-year period of authorized use

3. Application for Two-Year Extension in Authorized Period of Use of Micro Data
You must complete and submit this form if you need an extension in the authorized period of use. Submit it after the initial two-year period along with the completed “Report on the use of Micro Data.”
  • Social Research Database on Questionnaires

  • Our Japan Preference Parameters Study is registered with the Social Research Database on Questionnaires (SRDQ) of the Graduate school of Human Sciences, Osaka University. It is a searchable database of survey questions.

    Graduate school of Human Sciences, Osaka University
    Social Research Database on Questionnaires