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ISER/Moriguchi Prize Award

ISER/ Moriguchi Prize

This award was first established with fund from contribution of Chikashi Moriguchi, the honorary professor of Osaka University, to encourage graduate students for their research in Economics.

Past Winners and Published Academic Jounals

Winner Hitoshi Sadakane
Multistage Information Transmission with Voluntary Monetary Transfer
Winner Junichi Yamasaki
Railroads, Technology Adoption, and Modern Economic Development: Evidence from New Data in the Late 19th - Early 20th Centuries Japan
Runner-up Cong Pan
Supplier Encroachment under a Two-Part Tariff Contract and Unobservable Multilateral Contracting
Runner-up Masaaki Imaizumi
An Approximation Method for Discrete Markov Decision Models with a Large State Space
Winner Akitada Kasahara
Gradual Adjustment and Equilibrium Uniqueness under Noisy Monitoring
Runner-up Kazuki Kumashiro
Optimal Funded Pension for Consumers with Heterogeneous Self-Control
Runner-up Noriaki Okamoto
A Dynamic Auction that Improves the Ausubel Auction
Winner Shohei Tamura
A Characterization of Minimal Impartial Rules for Awarding Prizes
“Characterizing minimal impartial rules for awarding prizes,” Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 95 , January 2016 , 41 - 46.
Winner Michihito Ando
(National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Uppsala University)
"Dreams of Urbanization: Quantitative Case Studies on the Local Impacts of Nuclear Power Facilities using the Synthetic Control Method", Journal of Urban Economics, Vol.85, January 2015, pp.68-85
Winner Takeshi Ojima
"General Equilibrium Dynamics with Naive and Sophisticated Hyperbolic Consumers in an Overlapping Generations Economy", Economica, May 2017
Runner-up Hiromasa Ogawa
A Good Listener and a Bad Listener
Runner-up Masanori Tsuruoka
The Impact of Scoring Auctions in Public Procurement Auctions
Runner-up * Ken Onishi
Quantity Discounts and Capital Misallocation in the Aircraft and Airline Industries
Winner Yusuke Mori
How Can Integration Reduce Inefficiencies Due to Ex Post Adaptation?
Winner Wataru Tamura
A Theory of Multidimensional Information Disclosure
Winner Katsuo Kogure
Dictatorships, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance: Evaluating the Impacts of Forced Marriage System under the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia, 1975-1979
Winner Naoaki Minamihashi
Destruction of Competition by Competition Law: Evidence from Unbundling Regulation on Fiber-Optic Networks in Japan
Winner Shinsuke Tanaka
Access to Health Infrastructure and Child Health Development: Evidence from Post-Apartheid South Africa
“Does Abolishing User Fees Lead to Improved Health Status? Evidence from PostApartheid South Africa,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 6(3): 282-312, 2014
Runner-up Koichi Ushijima
The Effect of the Introduction of a Health Insurance Program on Precautionary Saving Behavior at the Household Level
Runner-up Koichi Miyazaki
(Pennsylvania State)
“Efficiency and Lack of Commitment in an Overlapping Generations Model with Distributional Shocks,” Japanese Economic Review, 65, 2014, 499-520.
Winner Hiroaki Miyamoto
Technological Progress, On-the-Job Search and Unemployment
“Productivity Growth, On-the-Job Search, and Unemployment,” Journal of Monetary Economics. 58(6–8): 666–670, 2011.
Winner Hiroko Okudaira
The Economic Costs of Court Decisions Concerning Dismissals in Japan: Identification by Judge Transfers
Runner-up * Mitsukuni Nishida
“Estimating a Model of Strategic Network Choice: The Convenience-Store Industry in Okinawa,” Marketing Science. 2015, Vol 34, 20-38.
Winner Rieko Ishii
Collusion in Repeated Procurement Auction: A Study of Paving Market in Japan
Runner-up Fumitoshi Moriya
The Optimality of Power in Organizations: Power Acquisition Process and Evaluation
Runner-up * Junichi Suzuki
“Land Use Regulation as a Barrier to Entry: Evidence from the Texas Lodging Industry”, International Economic Review, 54 (2): 495-523, 2013.
Winner Masayuki Kudamatsu
Has Democratization Reduced Infant Mortality in Sub-saharan Africa? Evidende from Mother Fixed-effects Estimation
“Has Democratization Reduced Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Micro Data”, Journal of the European Economic Association, 10: 1294-1317. 2012.
Runner-up Yui Suzuki
“Sovereign Risk and Procyclical Fiscal Policy in Emerging Market Economies,” The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, Volume 24, Issue 2, 2015, 247-270.
Winner Shintaro Yamaguchi
“Job Search, Bargaining, and Wage Dynamics,” Journal of Labor Economics, 28(3): 595-631, 2010.
Runner-up Kazuya Hyogo
“Subjective random discounting and intertemporal choice,” Journal of Economic Theory, 144(3): 1015-1053, 2009.
Runner-up Ayako Kondo
"Does the First Job Really Matter? State Dependency in Employment Status in Japan,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 21, 379-402, 2007.
Winner Takayuki Ogawa
Welfare Analysis of Debt Policy during Recessions
Winner Junmin Wan
Rational Addiction with an Optimal Inventory: Theory and Evidence from Cigarette Purchases
"Rational Addiction with an Optimal Inventory: Theory and Evidence from Japanese Daily and Monthly Purchases," Chapter 2 of "Consumer Casualties: Exploring the Economics of Habit, Information, and Uncertainty in Japan," by Junmin Wan, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 208 pages, November, 2014, Refereed Monograph, pp.728. ISBN 9781137387240
Winner Ryo Nakajima
(New York)
“Measuring Peer Effects on Youth Smoking Behavior”, Review of Economic Studies, 74(3): 897-935, 2007.
Runner-up Teruyoshi Koyabashi
“Optimal monetary policy and the role of hybrid inflation-price-level targets,” Applied Economics, 37(18): 2119-2125, 2005.
Winner Ken Yamada
“Intra-family transfers in Japan: intergenerational co-residence, distance, and contact,” Applied Economics, 38(16): 1839–1861, 2006.
Runner-up Shigeto Kitano
“Macroeconomic effect of capital controls as a safeguard against the capital inflows problem,” Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 13(3): 233-263, 2004.
Runner-up Wataru Kureishi
A Characterization of the Randomized Uniform Rule
“Equal Probability for the Best and the Assignment of Identical Indivisible Objects”, Economics Bulletin, 4(8): 1-10, 2007.
Winner Young-Jun Lee
Labor Market Segmentation and Long-Term Employment Policy
Runner-up Hirokuni Uchiyama
The Index of Aggregate Agency Cost
"The index of agency cost and the financial accelerator: the case of Japan", Japan and the World Economy Vol.18/1(2006)1-120
Runner-up Daisuke Matsuzaki
(Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
The Effects of a Consumption Tax on Effective Demand under Stagnation, Japanese Economic Review, 2003, 54(1), 101-18
Winner Daiji Kawaguchi
(Michigan State)
“Human Capital Accumulation of Salaried and Self-Employed Workers”, Labour Economics, 10(1): 55-71, 2003.
Runner-up Nobue Suzuki
Unemployment Insurance with Social Norms
Runner-up Hideki Mizukami
“On the Constancy of Bribe-Proof Solutions”, Economic Theory, 22(1): 211-217, 2003.
Runner-up Midori Wakabayashi
“Retirement Saving in Japan: With Emphasis on the Impact of Social Security and Retirement Payments,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 15, 131-159, 2001.
2nd No prize awarded
1st No prize awarded
* absence for certain reasons